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You and your business matter and we would love to partner with you to help make our community thrive. At Dream Works, we believe a better future starts now and those who have a strong support system have a better chance at thriving. Therefore, we would love to assist you in accomplishing your business dreams because in return we are helping our community. The Dream works vision is "wellness with a vision for more" and we hope to achieve that by helping you accomplish all of your business related goals.


In the business development plan, we can provide the following: 




  • We have a 13 hour certificate based program that is used nation wide to help train employees to see the role of character in the work place. Without character, the foundation for skills crumble. We believe our curriculum can help. Once trained, we have a database of employees for you to choose from or we can market a potential employee who has been laid off. 




  • We have a licensed mental health and addiction counselor on staff. We want to help you care for the well being of your staff. Meredith Dubose can meet an employee to work through social or stress related anxiety, overcome addiction, and change the future of a good employee who has real struggles like us all. 

  • Digital resource support is also available for inspiration on small business practices that will help you thrive in this national health crisis. 



  • Your business needs a voice and good marketing gives it that voice. At Dream Works, we are building a team of people to help your market the power of you and your business. We want your business to thrive.

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